Paint protection film to protect your cars

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Wrap the color of your choice from the wide range of wrap films

protection film

HEXIS R&D is proud to present a New generation of PPF “The X technology”

The X technology is phenomenal and revolutionary with technical specifications that make BODYFENCE X, BODYFENCE P and BFBLACK even more powerful and durable.The Bodyfence X has an incredible capacity for instant self-healing, increased resistance to oil stains, improved hydrophobicity, a high gloss finish, as well as high durability.


Specially designed for vehicle customization and decoration, HEXIS offers a range of more than 225 colors and finishes: Matt, Glossy, Chrome, Satin, Carbon, Alligator, Brushed Aluminum…



MEDIA52 offers you the possibility of communicating on your walls. Deploy your signage with HEXIS adhesive films. Thanks to Total Covering Digital Printing , wrap your vehicle in your colors. Make your floor signage, event signage and much more with Signage & Decoration Printing . With Ecotac & Suptac signage cutting vinyls, carve your lettering. A wide choice to satisfy your request.

Windows film

Because each glazing has different needs, Solar Screen offers a wide range of films, all of exceptional quality!

To say goodbye to the harmful effects of the sun, protect from the heat and beautify your vehicle.


For more than 30 years ProTech® Monte-Carlo has been designing precision technologies to beautify and protect your vehicle.

Advanced Precut Solutions



MEDIA52 offers you a complete range of more than 90 installation tools and accessories, thus facilitating installation.