ABOUT solarscreen

Founded in 1984 by Hervé and Marilyn Thibaut, SOLAR SCREEN® has never stopped innovating, with the aim of serving its network of 3,000 professional window film applicators as well as possible.

Partner of the largest film manufacturers in the world, SOLAR SCREEN® designs its own films and offers installers unrivaled service in Europe. We pay particular attention to the quality, but also to the guarantee of the availability of our products.

In order to meet all glazing needs, SOLAR SCREEN® also has a production site for film blinds, where tens of thousands of products are manufactured each year, and have been for 25 years.

MEDIA52 has joined forces and decided to become an authorized distributor in 2020. We strongly believe in the company and the quality of their products.




SOLAR SCREEN® solar films are designed to provide maximum heat rejection, glare reduction and color stability.


Our films use nanotechnology to offer you aesthetic and comfortable solutions without the risk of interference for your equipment on board.



To say goodbye to the harmful effects of the sun, such as UV and heat, and to beautify your vehicle.

Our ranges

Black Plus Series

Intended for tinting vehicle windows, Nano IR particles thermoformable films guarantee a qualitative application and result.

Available in 6 shades.

Advantages of the series:
Optical high quality polyester
Thickness: 40 microns
99% UV rejection
Excellent optical quality
10 year warranty
VLT RANGE: 3%, 6%, 12%, 22%, 36%, 50%

Beluga series

New spearhead, its high-end construction combined with nano ceramic technology offers you here a deep black hue, protecting from prying eyes while effectively rejecting heat.

Available in 5 shades.

Benefits of the series:
Optically high quality mass-dyed polyester with anti-heat nano-ceramic particles
Hard coat resistant to common scratches
99% UV rejection
Thickness: 50 microns
15 year warranty
VLT RANGE: 5%,16%, 24%, 40%, 54%

Charcoal series

Intended for tinting vehicle windows, the Non-Metallic Premium film is particularly neutral, with no metal used in its composition. It guarantees zero interference and is particularly suitable for vehicles equipped with an antenna in the rear window.

1 shade available

Advantages of the series:
Solution dyed polyester without optical distortion
Increased heat rejection
99% UV rejection
Thickness: 55 microns
5 year warranty

Spectra Series

Derived from the latest technologies, the ceramic-based Spectra 15C film guarantees UV and solar heat control, while being transparent.

1 shade available

Advantages of the series:
Optical high quality polyester
99% UV rejection
Thickness: 60 microns
15 year warranty

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