Media52 is proud to exclusively offer the range

of Aesthetic products

automotive Protech Monte Carlo

It was in 1990 that the Protech MC company took an important step by creating its own R&D laboratory in order to create products that perfectly met its needs and met the requirements of its customers. After several months of collaboration with the technical teams, the first range of products formulated by ProTech® Monte-Carlo was born. This link established for more than 30 years between R&D and technicians is certainly the secret of the exceptional ranges formulated by ProTech® Monte-Carlo.

A complete range !

From simple stain remover for fabrics to anti-tar, everything is there! MEDIA52 offers you a full range of products at very competitive prices. Our practical formats are ideal for everyday use but are also perfect for resale. Ask a MEDIA52 specialist if you want to distribute it.


Be interiors
in leather

Improved resistance against stains and protection of interiors against ageing. Leather surfaces look great and bring unparalleled character to any automotive interior. They are also the most fragile surfaces and it is important to treat them with all the delicacy and care they deserve. A neutral pH cleansing balm precedes the application of a nourishing treatment. The latter will deeply nourish the leather while letting it breathe, thus avoiding any subsequent risk of drying and the appearance of cracks.

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