Why does media52 suggest you use BODYFENCE ?

New legislation obliges builders to use water-based paints for greater respect for the environment. These paints are less hard on the surface and are more sensitive to scratches and impacts. MEDIA52 strongly recommends the BODYFENCE X stone protection film which has been designed for long-lasting protection of your bodywork.

Thanks to its shock-absorbing, self-healing and high slip properties, making cleaning easier, the BODYFENCE X stone barrier film is the ideal protection.

Manufacturer of adhesive films for over 30 years HEXIS is launching a new generation bodywork protection film. This new BODYFENCE X range, the result of HEXIS R&D, is at the cutting edge of technology and will protect your vehicle against external aggressions:

– Grooves

– Projection of gravel

– Abrasion

– Ultraviolet

In addition, the film will act as a cleaning facilitator by preventing dirt from sticking to the paintwork leaving your car…Forever young!





BODYFENCE X is a transparent adhesive film, self-healing at room temperature, specially developed for the protection of automobile bodies. It is thanks to its excellent shockproof properties that it protects your body against chips due to stones, insects, car doors, washing brushes, etc. Brilliant appearance.



BODYFENCE P is a transparent adhesive film, self-healing at room temperature, specially developed for the protection of the front of motor vehicles. This film, which is thicker than Bodyfence X, provides a higher level of protection for bodywork against chips caused by stones, insects, washing brushes, etc. Shiny appearance



BFBLACK is an opaque black adhesive film, self-healing at room temperature, specially developed for the decoration and protection of metal car roofs. It is thanks to its excellent shockproof properties that it protects your bodywork against insects and scratches caused by washing brushes…
Glossy finition.



BODYFENCE M, the result of Hexis R&D, is a transparent adhesive film. Just like the BODYFENCE X, it will protect your vehicle against external aggressions: scratches, flying gravel, abrasion, ultraviolet rays. It is specially created to mattify the appearance of the vehicle’s paintwork while protecting it.
Matte look.



BLACKLIGHT is a gray tinted optically clear paint protection film (PPF) that is applied to your headlights and taillights, giving a discreet black appearance and having the added benefit of preventing stone chips. Particularly effective on yellowed lights with pitted lens covers. Glossy, light gray and transparent appearance.

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Whatever the season, whether during works or to allow better grip on the ground in the event of snow, the roads are often loaded with gravel. All of this debris becomes projectiles that damage your car’s paint. Who among us has never distanced himself from the vehicle in front so as not to suffer damage to his vehicle?



When a scratch damages your paintwork, the BODYFENCE X protective film will regenerate itself without requiring the intervention of any heat source. When using automatic washing with rollers or a brush, when rubbing against shrubs on the edge of the road, in the event of normal use of the vehicle or an act of vandalism, scratches appear on the bodywork. All those scratches will disappear on their own in record time. Your original paintwork is therefore preserved… just like the first day!


3- ULTRA transparent

The BODYFENCE X protective film is a totally transparent film, in order to protect without distorting the vehicle thus covered. This film is available in matte or gloss finish. In its matt version, the BODYFENCE X film allows you to mattify any paint or glossy film.


4- self-cleaning

The BODYFENCE X protective film has an anti-adherent agent in its composition. Thus various dust and dirt will cling much less to your bodywork. Cleaning will be fewer and much easier.


Protection and tint for headlights

BLACKLIGHT is an adhesive film specially developed for the protection of transparent vehicle surfaces.

Thanks to its excellent shock absorption properties, this film protects the front and rear lights against stone chips, insects, etc.

The surface finish is glossy, light gray and transparent.